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About The Founder

About The Founder

In every individual and organization lies an untapped reservoir of potential, waiting to be harnessed.

Welcome to the realm of Soha Chahine, a seasoned Leadership and Emotional Intelligence expert anchored in the bustling heart of Dubai. However, her expertise isn't merely a product of her location—it emanates from over a decade immersed in human resources management. A proud graduate with a Master's degree in Human Resource Management and Training, Soha's academic journey is further enriched as a Chartered Institute of Personal Development (CIPD) qualified professional.


Alongside her formal education, she has acquired a diverse array of certifications, including Certified Human Resources Management Professional (CHRMP), Diversity & Inclusion, Advanced Practice in Positive Psychology, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Team Coaching, and the innovative Lego Serious Play facilitation. This breadth of knowledge, combined with deep proficiency in psychometric assessments, positions her uniquely. Soha doesn’t merely coach—she delves deep, understanding individuals and teams in diverse settings, ensuring bespoke, transformative results.


Beyond these qualifications and accolades lies her passion—a call-to-action. Soha envisions a corporate world where businesses are shaped not solely by strategies but by the resilience, agility, and transformative leadership of their people.

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The Intersection of Passion and Profession

Being in the UAE, a hub of innovation and business excellence, Soha has had a front-row seat to the ever-evolving corporate demands. Witnessing these shifts, she has positioned herself not merely as an observer but as an active catalyst, aiming to reshape not only the outward manifestations of businesses but also their very essence and core values. This drive isn't confined within the boundaries of the UAE; it's a mission that has made ripples and brought transformative changes to organizations spanning the breadth of the GCC.

Rooted in Experience, Driven by Excellence

Nestled in the heart of the corporate world, Soha proudly wears the badge of an Associate Certified Coach (ACC). But this title isn't just an academic accolade; it stands as a testament to her relentless pursuit of mastery in the field. Her journey has been profoundly shaped by in-depth interactions and collaborations with leaders from Fortune 500 giants. These experiences, intertwined with solid academic foundations, have crafted her holistic coaching methodology. This unique approach addresses the real-world aspirations and challenges faced by today's professionals. In the ever-evolving business landscape, Soha ensures that her coaching strategies are not just relevant but revolutionary.

From Multiple Accolades to Authorship

Soha stands as a multi-award-winning entity in the corporate coaching and training realm. From being recognized among the Top 20 HR Leaders in the Middle East by PeopleHum in 2022 to receiving the Leadership Global Award and the UAE's Coaching & Training Impact Leader Award in 2023, each accolade narrates a tale of dedication and transformative impact.

Beyond coaching, her literary endeavor as the co-author of "Shaken, Stirred but not Deterred Vol 2" underscores her commitment to spreading knowledge on emotional intelligence, resilience, and growth.

 The FORWARD Vision:
Shaping Tomorrow's Leaders

As the foundational force behind FORWARD TRAINING & CONSULTING FZE, Soha's focus extends beyond individual growth. She is fervently invested in building robust organizational cultures that champion resilience, agility, and heightened emotional intelligence. By nurturing leadership talents at every level, the goal is not just to transform individuals, but to cultivate future-ready leaders. Through tools like EQ-I 2.0® & EQ-I 360®, R@w Resilience Scale, Leadership Circle Profile, MBTI, and methodologies like Lego® Serious Play, Soha maps out personalized paths of transformation.


Pillars of Sustainable Success

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Leadership Development

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Emotional Intelligence

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Resilient Agility

  • Leadership Development: Crafting leaders who not only direct but inspire, instilling purposeful drive within their teams. 

  • Emotional Intelligence: Promoting intuitive interpersonal dynamics, understanding, and harnessing emotions for collective growth.

  • Resilient Agility: Equipping teams with the capability to rebound from challenges and swiftly adapt to evolving corporate landscapes, turning adversities into opportunities without compromising on core objectives.


Each pillar, meticulously integrated into her coaching approach, is pivotal for the growth of both individuals and organizations. The core philosophy? An invigorated, forward-thinking ethos that elevates businesses and professionals to their utmost potential.

 A Vision Beyond Coaching and Training 

Soha's business relationship with clients surpasses the bounds of traditional coaching and training. It's a synergistic endeavor, with every engagement presenting a treasured opportunity to engrave indelible marks of positive transformation. The diverse landscape of the UAE and the wider GCC region demands a tailored understanding, and her methods continually evolve to mirror this dynamic.

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Embark on a Transformational Journey

In a world perpetually changing, complacency isn't an option. Ready to shift, to redefine, and to wholeheartedly seize the opportunities of the future? Soha is here to initiate this transformative journey, sculpting a new era of leadership, resilience, and emotional intelligence in the UAE and the GCC.

To explore a future defined by clarity, purpose, and vision, get in toucch and together chart a course towards unparalleled excellence.

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