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Leadership Circle Profile™ (LCP)

Developing leadership effectiveness to deliver business growth

Redefine Your Leadership Horizon with Leadership Circle Profile™

Transition effortlessly from Reactive approaches to Creative, impactful leadership styles. Begin a journey that revolutionizes not just how you lead, but how you envision success and innovation.

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Why Leadership Circle Profile™ Stands Out


Unprecedented Integration of Psychology and Competencies:

At the heart of the Leadership Circle Profile™ is its unique ability to integrate deep psychological insights with proven leadership competencies. This integration offers a comprehensive understanding of the underlying motivations, habits, and behaviors that shape leadership styles. Our certified coaches specialize in utilizing this tool for both individuals and teams, offering expert Leadership Coaching and Team Coaching, transforming leadership from Reactive to Creative.

Instant Insights, Lasting Transformations:

Unlike conventional assessments requiring extensive interpretation, the Leadership Circle Profile™ delivers impactful insights instantly. This rapid revelation of data paves the way for sustainable growth and groundbreaking transformations in leadership practices.

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Key Benefits of the Leadership Circle Profile™

The Leadership Circle Profile™ stands apart in revealing the relationship between patterns of action and the underlying assumptions that drive behavior. This innovative tool distinguishes itself from other profiles and assessments by providing a wealth of information almost instantaneously. The insights gained from the LCP are not only comprehensive but are presented in a way that makes understanding and application straightforward. This swift and profound clarity lays the groundwork for groundbreaking transformation and sustainable growth in leadership capabilities.


Enhanced Leadership Consciousness

  • Deepen understanding of personal leadership strengths and areas for growth.

  • Gain insight into how beliefs shape leadership effectiveness.


Ability for Dealing With Change & Complexity

  • Develop skills to confidently navigate uncertainty and complexity.

  • Build resilience and adaptive strategies for effective decision-making.


Navigating Organizational Dynamics

  • Expand capabilities to manage and lead through organizational changes.

  • Cultivate a leadership approach that thrives in dynamic environments.


Rapid Leadership Skill Development

  • Accelerate your leadership journey with targeted insights.

  • Enhance your overall leadership impact and effectiveness.


Maximizing Organizational Performance

  • Unlock the full potential of your leadership for organizational success.

  • Create a culture of excellence and transformative change.

Ready to Elevate Your Leadership?

Understanding the Leadership Circle Profile™

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Creative Competencies:

The Blueprint of Effective Leadership

The top half of the Leadership Circle graph features 18 creative competencies that contribute to a leader’s effectiveness.

These competencies, rooted in extensive leadership and psychological research by Bob Anderson and Bill Adams, provide a comprehensive blueprint of behaviors and internal assumptions essential for high-achievement and fulfillment in leadership roles.

Facets of Creative Competencies:

Relating: Measures the ability to foster exceptional relationships, highlighting competencies like Caring Connection, Team Play, Collaboration, Mentoring, and Interpersonal Intelligence.

Self-Awareness: Focuses on continuous personal and professional development, emphasizing high integrity leadership.

Authenticity: Gauges the capacity for genuine, courageous, and integrity-driven leadership.

Systems Awareness: Assesses the leader’s ability to enhance whole system improvement and community welfare.

Achieving: Evaluates visionary and result-oriented leadership qualities.

Reactive Tendencies:

Transforming Challenges into Opportunities

The lower half of the LCP graph outlines 11 self-limiting Reactive Tendencies and leadership behaviours, that can limit leadership effectiveness.

These tendencies reflect deeply held beliefs and assumptions, focusing on areas such as caution, external approval, self-protection, and control. The Leadership Circle Profile™ encourages leaders to view these not as weaknesses but as opportunities for developing more empowering, compassionate, and productive leadership qualities

Categories of Reactive Tendencies:

Complying: Measures the extent to which a leader seeks self-worth from others' approval.

Protecting: Measures a leader's tendency to maintain distance and control through withdrawal or cynicism.

Controlling: Assesses the leader's reliance on personal achievement for self-worth.

Want to find our more?

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Why Choose the Leadership Circle Profile™?

Targeting Root Causes, Not Just Symptoms: Unlike other assessments, the LCP delves into the underlying causes of behaviors, fostering sustainable change.

Backed by Research and Data: Benchmarking against data from over 4 million leaders, the LCP offers a reliable and valid assessment.

Positive Approach to Change: By understanding the root causes of behaviors, leaders are more receptive and inclined towards meaningful change.

Clear and Streamlined Data Presentation: Balancing in-depth research with approachability, the LCP makes it easy for leaders to understand and act upon their insights.

Comprehensive 360 Assessment: The LCP stands out as the only 360 assessment that covers both Creative Competencies and Reactive Tendencies, offering a comprehensive picture of leadership strengths and areas for improvement.

Ready to Develop Your Leadership Skills?

Forward Training and Consulting is committed to guiding you through this transformative journey. Embrace the Leadership Circle Profile™ and take a significant step towards leadership excellence.

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