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Bespoke Coaching Solutions That Accelerate Professional Success

  • Do you come home from work, tired and burnt out?

  • Or perhaps you’re struggling to strike a balance between the personal and professional spheres of your life?

  • You are stuck in an unfulfilling job and want to make a career change but don’t know where to start?

  • Or perhaps you are stepping into a whole new profession or gearing up for a promotion ...


Career growth is not about toxic hustle culture that keeps you from being happy! If you’re in a constant battle with your emotions, eager to break the shackles of redundancy, let one on one coaching guide you in the right direction.

Discover Yourself On a Deeper Level To Make The Right Decisions


Explore the parts of yourself that were previously hidden. I help you reconnect with your true self. By emphasizing the power of self-awareness, your perspective is holistically broadened. This subdues the burden of impediments standing in the way of your goals. As an experienced career coach who has worked with many diverse individuals, I develop a meaningful bond with the client and empower them to become their own hero. Rather than providing cookie-cutter solutions to the problems you face in your career, I show you better ways to adopt a positive mindset that guarantees achievement.

The power is within you, I just help you channel it


The Power Is Within You,
I Just Help You Channel It

Professional burdens and career dilemmas have a way of getting to everyone. Needless to say, it is easier to lose track of the bigger picture. That’s where I come in to realign your values and objectives. You will learn how to bridge the gap between your passions and strengths while working on your weaknesses at the same time. Rest assured; we will reawaken your potential so you not only chase better opportunities but seize them too!

What Areas Can Coaching Help In?

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Individual 1:1 Coaching

Have you hit rock bottom in your career? Sheer stagnancy is drowning your spirits and turning you into a pessimist by the day.


If you can relate to any of this, one on one coaching is your best bet. From making major career transitions to changing work culture at the office, everything is covered. I put your specific career issues under the microscope and discuss success-oriented strategies that lead to real-time results.


My sessions:

  • Enrich you with a sense of confidence.

  • Refine your leadership skills.

  • Enhance interpersonal capabilities across the spectrum.

  • And more!

Become proactive and show your employers why you’re worth it


My personalized brand of career coaching explores your passions in the context of the current situation. I understand your goals, identify the barriers impeding your growth and help you strategize success. This is topped off by an additional focus on changing the mindset to build accountability, increase your commitment and assure you that nothing is impossible.

Avail a zero-obligation consultation – discuss your career aspirations, ask questions about my style of coaching and book a session as you deem fit.


Team Coaching

Lagging behind the competition and desperate to catch up? To become a thriving business in the 21st century, you must leverage a dedicated workforce to your advantage. With team coaching, you can support your employees through the thick and thin of their career landscape. Adopt efficient ways as well as cohesive strategies that bring the team together in spirit. These sessions are best suited for large and small groups across various levels of the hierarchy.


  • Enhance social belonging within the workforce to encourage productive relationships.

  • Increase inquisitive thinking, feedback, and overall functionality.

  • Learn better ways of conflict resolution that guide tactical decision making.



Tackling a complex project and need specialized guidance to back you up? With our personalized workshops, you’ll be pointed in the right direction. Every company has its unique set of requirements, which is why you need not hesitate from seeking help with yours. Our tailor-made sessions probe deep into the problem at hand to deliver resilient solutions.


Why Work With Me?


Hey, I’m Soha Chahine, a certified coach dedicated to working with individuals who wish to experience Career Success, Personal Growth, Mindset Transformation and Emotional Intelligence Development to achieve exponential growth and success.


Fluent in English and Arabic, my specializations in Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Emotional Intelligence form a unique approach you can relate with. Backed by extensive experience in HR and Recruitment Management, I focus on career refinement through a step-by-step goal-setting process to enable you to have a clear view of what you want to achieve, and create unique and practical and actionable steps to turn your vision of this future into reality. In doing so, I create a solid foundation for growth and success, allowing you to move through obstacles while raising your self-esteem. In that, my sessions are a journey of self-exploration whereby you are reassured of your strengths, and never set back by the weaknesses.


Over the years, I have worked hard to add different certifications to my professional arsenal, I hold a Master’s degree in Human Resource Management, I’m certified in CIPD, Emotional Intelligence - EQ-I 2.0 & EQ-I 360 Degree Assessment and Myers-Briggs (MBTI) personality type Assessment. However, that’s not all! I’m also an avid traveler who loves to meet new people, learn about their experiences, and embark on adventures that teach important lessons.

I offer a 15 minutes FREE, no-obligation career consultation where you will have an opportunity to discuss your career situation and find out more about how I can help.

I Instill In You The Necessary Confidence At Every Step Of The Way.

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